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I am Ashley Porrovecchio owner of MeiraSol and I am so grateful that you are here. I am a energy healer and aesthetician. My experience started 13 years ago helping clients with crystals, meditation, setting healthy intentions, and self-care guiding them with a great success. In today’s world I find enjoyment guiding people to evolve in new ways by teaching them which Crystal is right for their mind, body, and spirit. Choosing a crystal is very personal and it is all about setting the intention. MeiraSol can help with just that!

Give Light To Our Souls

Meira means giving light and “Sol” means the sun 🌞
and together let’s all give light to our souls.

MeiraSol has crystal bracelets for physical, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle. Each crystal holds a special vibration. When the crystals and us come together we can be a powerful force. When wearing these beautiful crystals on your wrist or anywhere on your body can elevate the healing process. Crystals are like little amplifiers to help us heal.

Take Stress & Apply It To The Crystals

We are electrical superhumans with the proper tools, meditation and guidance we can be the ultimate. This is not the end and only the beginning. We are always evolving. This is only the beginning of our Crystal journey and I can’t wait to share theses beautiful crystals with you all.

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Dalmatian Jasper Crystal Healing Bracelet
Ashley suggested the Dalmatian Jasper and it really appealed to me. I like that when worn on my left wrist it pulls in and when worn on my right wrist it sends out. I find I sleep better and I’m more calm when I wear it. The metaphysical properties are awesome and I get to wear a pretty cool bracelet too.

Neil Weils

Rose Quartz ''Love'' Crystal Healing Bracelet
I chose the Rose Quartz for it’s over all healing properties. The bracelet is beautiful. The color is exquisite. The shape of the crystals is what sold me. It reminds me of a necklace my sister gave me years ago.


Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Bracelet
I Honestly love my gemstone bracelets.  There is a Special Feeling/ Energy to them. It's magical the way they make me feel. They are Magical. No words can describe it. They calm my anxious heart, make me feel beautiful and I feel loved. I wear one on each wrist. Everyone who sees them are immediately drawn to their Magical Energy. My friends love them.

Melanie P.

Carnelian Dalmatian Jasper and Red Mahogany Crystal Healing Bracelet
I love getting my crystal accessories from Meirasol. They have a good variety. The owner is very informative, friendly and knows crystals. 
I have ordered a few items from this site and just love them  everything fits perfect.

Angelle H.